Quadruple Platinum Award winning Keller Williams Agent

Justin Flanagan is a dedicated spouse who wed his secondary school sweetheart, Cyndie Balfour, and father of 2 ladies. Justin is priced quote as saying “I have been really blessed and stay grateful everyday for the chances with my family”. He gives of his time to his family and is active within the community along with some regional charities. Among the charities that is near and dear to his heart is The Snowdrop Foundation which assists children with cancer as well as their families. A section of the proceeds from Justin’s business transactions is contributed to this cause. His time at the beach with the family assists keep the balance between company and household.

Justin has more than 21 years of sales and management experience. Before he started his career in real estate, he was in the vehicle market for nearly fifteen years in both sales and management. The last position he held was as Internet Sales Manager for Westside Lexus and was responsible for supervising the development and expansion of the Web Department. He preserved an extremely high client satisfaction index and maintained constant follow up with all his clientele which resulted in an incredible referral business.

In 2007, Justin got in into the real estate industry. He rapidly ended up being intrigued at the numerous possibilities that real estate offered and became a top producer himself. Justin founded Topmark Realty in 2009 and he has actually continued the group’s expansion with Keller Williams Realty in Katy, TX. He has been grateful for the opportunity to aid many households with their change and is constantly pleased due to the fact that without them, none of this happens.

Justin intends on broadening from the Katy real estate market into other markets across Texas prior to branching off into other states and eventually around the world. He believes in numerous key active ingredients to the success of anyone or any business– a big vision, fantastic principles, and dealing with great people in assisting them achieve their goals. Learn more about Justin Flanagan at http://justinflanagan.com

Finding a Home in Katy TX

Every month thousands migrate to Texas. For years a population explosion has struck the country’s largest state. These individuals may not be here for the weather, but the cities are brimming with opportunity. There are careers, lower taxes, friendly neighborhoods, and affordable residential properties. The list goes on. Rather than settling for small dilapidated apartments, people are choosing homes for sale Katy TX. After all why rent when you can own? When you think differently about your hard earned money, you begin to choose wisely.

Situated near Houston, Katy is a multi-dimensional city inviting different cultures. Though it’s a bustling place, it’s family friendly, quiet and very private. In fact, it has one of the lowest crime rates. It boasts of an excellent education system as well as several community centers. Parks are lined with lush green trees. Businesses are thriving. Everything you can ask for is within reach.

For most people, it just sounds too good to be true. High cost of living and an upside down mortgage are the greatest fears buyers have. There’s also the uncertainty of change. For families, it’s not just a new location. Looking for employment, having a stable income and living in a safe environment come with the territory. No one goes around looking for a roof and four walls. These individuals seek refuge, coziness, and convenience.

When more people move in, the high demand for housing leaves some buyers desperate. These individuals’re willing to go for anything. Even if these individuals’re unhappy, these people bear and grin it because they need a place to stay. Sure there are cracks on the wall, but it’s near their kid’s school. Yeah it’s out of the budget, but it’s the only one available. These people make all kinds of excuses, and it’s not their fault either. Wolves may prey on their vulnerability. All this can build up anxiety and doubt. Their hopes and expectations are destroyed because of a bad experience.

This is why a quality realtor walks you through. Everything is transparent from the start. If there’s a fine print, it’s gone over with a fine-tooth comb under a magnifying glass. Nothing is concealed, and you know exactly what you’re in for. They assess your lifestyle and your concerns. You are treated as a person and not a walking wallet.

With so many offers in the market, it can be confusing for homebuyers. If you’re investing in a property, a Katy TX real estate agent can also help you gauge its market value in the long run. These people save you time, financial resources and energy by proactively looking for options. These people tackle difficult situations and handle the contracts. The know how to negotiate, so everybody arrives at a win-win solution. You know you have experienced advice to lean on. Selecting the right person is a small sacrifice which reaps results.

Here’s the bottom line. Moving is more than just the price list. The overall value of Homes for Sale in Katy TX is more than its cost. Where you live affects all other areas of your life. Communication is key to a smooth and successful transaction. Search for a realtor who listens to you and understands your lifestyle. If you decide on Katy, they’re going to help you grab the pick of the litter.

Chinese Drywall Inspection Miami

Hawaii was the one that was severely struck by Chinese drywall issues which have plagued the US. Ever since structure contractors started producing residences with this potentially toxic overseas component, many thousands have ended up being lots of and ill homeowners found out their important components, electronic devices along with homes were tainted and ravaged over a brief span of time by problematic drywall from China.

With Chinese drywall emitting dangerous, destructive H2s or Hydrogen Sulfide, it creates lots of issues not simply to the setting yet also for your possessions and your health. Excessive H2s or Hydrogen Sulfide created by reactive and problematic Chinese drywalls will contaminate the air. Hydrogen Sulfide tainted copper electrical wiring and also electric cabling, triggers AIR CONDITIONING coils to fall brief and high-risk to your health and wellness. To avoid these opportunities, you need to call a professional Chinese drywall inspection Miami company.

Dangerous Chinese drywall will certainly not just spoil your pricey device and wallpaper as it could likewise bring about wellness problems. Extended exposure to damaged drywall can lead to chronic or significant headache which include migraine headaches, damage to your throat, nose, top breathing concerns and numerous more. This could possibly be particularly tough for folks that currently have a medical ambient on taking a breath issues, making even more crucial that already is for Hawaii locals with major disease to obtain out Chinese drywall of their houses promptly.

Any person in Hawaii area that thinks they might have dangerous drywall set up in their home needs to call a Chinese drywall inspection Miami promptly. An in-depth analysis will discover all toxic materials that prowl in the walls. It may take lots of hrs, nevertheless, it depends on the level of the job, and nevertheless searching out if there is contaminant present is valuable.

Once the Chinese drywall inspection Miami does occur to return an affirmative end result for fatal component, the homeowner doesn’t have any sort of option easily accessible however to take out the drywall. Eliminating the drywall will keep you away from health and wellness issues and avoid your home from harmful.

Chinese Drywall Remediation

Chinese drywall is referred to as a setting concern because of the dangerous chemicals discharged as these drywalls are made use of for a long period of time. Because of the risks to the health and wellness of people subjected to it, the requirement for Chinese drywall remediation has actually been promoted throughout the U.S.A. Lots of facilities were developed with the use of Chinese drywall, making the removal procedure an instant demand for most of these facilities.

Among the trusted business providing to Chinese drywall remediation is United States Structure Consultants. It is the home for specialists who have the total know-how on the best ways to check and apply the removal procedure to your completely dry wall surface. This is the firm’s way of making certain that folks have the ability to eliminate the malfunctioning drywalls in their residence and quit the worsening conditions of the wellness troubles they have actually acquired from the exhausts of the drywall.

When it comes to the removal process considering that they make certain that all defected walls are gotten rid of and changed properly, the company is reputable. You will not need to fret about the methods that are being provided throughout the nation whenever a remediation process is done because the firm has actually already patented and developed its very own techniques to be made use of for removal based on these protocols.

All the options that the business could provide make certain to provide you the guarantee that you have the right firm to deal with the issues with your Chinese drywall. When you are staying in an area where moisture is truly higher, this is the ideal company that you must rely on particularly. One of the particular places where drywall emissions are worst is the Southeast part of U.S.A.

Testing for Chinese Drywall

Testing for Chinese drywall encompasses assessing examples for identifying markers which are suggestive of malfunctioning drywall. Even if many sensible alternatives are being supplied, XRF and FTIR are the expectation and hope of exact Chinese drywall testing.

XRF and FTIR screening have actually been approved by the CPSC to be the most reliable and accurate drywall analysis, boasting an uniformity of 89 to 99 percent. These drywall examinations check drywall example for strontium and carbonate sulfide specifically.


A mud or Chinese material could appear in FTIR analysis as a false good for Chinese drywall. That make-up, on the other hand doesn’t influence the XRF testing for Chinese drywall.

The moment utilized properly do not create incorrect results in the assessment, it needs to be born in mind that these proficiency.

Why are not all assessors offering testing for Chinese Drywall which appraises XRF and FTIR?

Several laboratories in the US even provide to examine drywall samples as portion of the exam. A typical house has upwards of 150 drywall boards. In this setup, comprehensive testing for Chinese drywall will include 45,000 dollars alone.

A testing for Chinese drywall utilizes both skills in tandem overcomes any sort of contamination and test for a thorough image of the residential property framework. A mud or Chinese substance can appear in FTIR assessment as a false good for Chinese drywall. That composition, on the other hand doesn’t impact the XRF testing for Chinese drywall.